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Juicer Recommendation 2017

After reading countless best juicer 2017 reviews, the only juicer that I swear by to help me get through my day is the J8006. I have juiced out my favorite juice recipe with it and tried various healthy recipes as well. My favorite juice recipe has got to be the mean green juice which consist of two cucumbers, eight celery stalks, four apples, sixteen kale leaves, one lemon and ginger. This juice is incredibly high in fiber, it rejuvenates your skin, ease bowel movements and if you suffer from gas in your stomach, the ginger relieves it. It’s great to add a little ginger to all of our drinks. I find it comforting.

My Juicer

The juicer I use to make my power juice happens to be the masticating Omega J8006 Nutrition Center Juicer. I got mine from Amazon two years ago for 270 dollars and it was a great deal. They came in many different colors but I really like the black and chrome finish as my kitchen had a silver color scheme. It’s not to big or heavy to maneuver around but I just keep mind near to the sink for easy cleaning. Don’t do that if water easily gets on the counter top.

The Benefits

The only thing I wanted my juicer to do is juice my desired fruits into a health concoction. Never did I thought that it could do other things as well. Based on the reviews I read, it could make salsa sauces, sorbet, finely mince fresh herbs and make soy or almond milk. Naturally, I tried making some homemade almond milk and it was a success.

Now, my children do not drink store bought milk, I chose to make fresh soy milk for them every morning. I have to wake up early as this machine takes up a lot of time but knowing that my children are consuming healthy food, is the best feeling on earth. Thank god this machine is quiet than my centrifugal juicer.

My Old Juicer

I used to have a centrifugal juicer which I juiced my fruit juices daily such as orange and watermelon juice. It was super quick and easy but I realised that even though the colour of a store bought apple juice is much different than the fresh one, the juice doesn’t last long. You can only keep it for 3-4 hours. By then, you can see two different layers between the juice. Some centrifugal juicer couldn’t take what I threw at it but the juicer I had swallowed a pineapple with the skin on.

I gave my Breville 800JEXL Juice Fountain Elite to my sister as she was looking to buy one. You can get this on Amazon for 300 dollars. This is the best centrifugal juicer you can get on the market. For me, it wasn’t the juicer that I disliked, it was the type of juicer. A centrifugal juicer is great for busy people such as my workaholic sister.

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